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Nof Hagalil in Israel

Nof Hagalil (formerly Nazareth-Illit) in Israel

Human Connection to the Holy Land

Nof Hagalil (formerly Nazareth-Illit) became one of Leverkusen’s twin towns in 1980. For historical reasons the relationship at the beginning was not easy, therefore the now close relationship is that much more valuable.

Particularly in times of crisis it becomes apparent just how close the relationship really is. Mutual interest and heart-felt participation in the other’s life are the main features of this partnership. Conceptional and material support is provided with much commitment by the citizen-run friendship circle Nazareth-Illit/ Leverkusen e.V., whose members are never tired of promoting mutual understanding.

In an outstanding symbolic gesture, the City Council of Leverkusen awarded the former Mayor of Nazareth Illit, Menachem Ariav, Honorary Citizen of Leverkusen, in 1999.

Nazareth-Illit was founded in 1957 on the hills of the lower Galilee. The name translates as "Nazareth on the heights".
After 62 years, the city has a new name since June 2019: "Nof Hagalil", translated as "View of Galilee".
The name change is based on a vote of residents. A broad majority approved it, according to a letter from the city. According to the online newspaper "Times of Israel," the change is intended to end the confusion over the name of the neighboring Arab town of Nazareth.

Link "Times of Israel"

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