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Locational advantages of Leverkusen:

  • Attractive transport connections
  • Healthy business climate
  • Qualified personnel
  • Good educational opportunities
  • Superior technical infrastructure

Leverkusen is primarily known as the company headquarters of Bayer AG, yet approximately 8,000 SMEs are based here as well. With innovative ideas, cutting-edge products and intelligent production methods, these companies have successfully asserted themselves on the market.
At present, there are around 65,000 people employed in Leverkusen.

The central contact for realising new investments and resolving location problems is the “WFL Wirtschaftsförderung Leverkusen GmbH” (WFL). The aim and task of the WFL is to attract new companies to Leverkusen to ensure jobs for the future, placing equal priority on the promotion of local business development and the establishment of new livelihoods.

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